How to Analyze Serial Port traffic


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Serial Port Analyzer is a robust and exceptionally useful system utility that allows you to explore the inner workings of an operating system by examining detailed analytical information about how ports are used by applications so you can track down problems in configurations and processes.
Using Serial Port Monitor Analyzer, it’s easy to analyze com port and all the standard serial input-output controls (IOCTLs) and other important functions, including IRP. Both IOCTLs and IRPs can be filtered when you use this powerful utility for your convenience and to help you make the results more meaningful. In many cases, software applications that work with serial ports send many requests per second, and the Serial Port Manager logs are quickly filled with an unmanageable amount information if you don’t put filters in place.

You can also choose to analyze serial port in the mode that’s most appropriate for your needs. Choices include table, line, terminal and dump views. Choosing different views getsImage you important additional ways of looking at the data so you can find out what you need to know.
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